Maxi Matic Elite Platinum 5.5-Quart Digital Air Fryer

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The Maxi Matic Elite Platinum 5.5-Quart Digital Air Fryer allows you to enjoy satisfying fried dishes without the guilt. With this air frying machine, you can make vegetable chips, fish fillets, chicken nuggets, and French fries with just a tablespoon of oil or less.


How does Maxi Matic Elite Platinum Digital Air Fryer work?

This air fryer has an advanced touch screen technology with seven menu function modes to provide you with precise cooking control and versatility. It is equipped with a high-powered convection fan that envelopes your food with extremely hot air. For a customized setting, you can choose a temperature between 180 and 400 F. It also has an adjustable 60-minute timer that automatically turns off the machine once it has completed the cooking time.


Healthy Cooking with Maxi Matic Elite-Air Fryer

If you are craving for crispy fried dishes but want to stay healthy, this air fryer can help you out. The Maxi Matic Elite Platinum 5.5-Quart Digital Air Fryer allows you to cook fried foods with little to no oil added without compromising the taste and texture of food. You will still get that crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. The high powered convection fan system circulates hot air rapidly, which lets you cook the food faster and with lesser oil and grease. Now, with this air fryer, you can enjoy fried foods without the unhealthy fats. It eliminates the use of hot messy oil while frying your food to perfection.



This air fryer’s cooking basket has a 5.5-Quart capacity which can feed a whole family or 5 to 6 people.



The Maxi Matic Elite Platinum 5.5-Quart Digital Air Fryer has cool to the touch handle and lets you safely transfer fried foods from the air fryer to a serving dish without burning your hands. This 1800-Watt air fryer is ETL certified which is safe for home kitchen use. The removable parts of this air fryer are dishwasher-safe. If you want to know more about air fryer tips then please visit here.


This air fryer comes with a full-color cookbook featuring 26 delicious and healthy recipes to get you started.


The Maxi Matic Elite Platinum 5.5-Quart Digital Air Fryer can cook up to 4 pounds of food quickly and healthily. It eliminates splatter burns and can also help reduce electricity use. The large cooking capacity is suitable for preparing healthy meals for the whole family.


Since the air fryer is big, it may take up some countertop space which can be a problem if you have limited space.

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