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Air fryer is now becoming a common household kitchen appliance because it allows you to cook food quickly and healthily. Basically, the air fryer uses a technology that rapidly circulates hot air in the cooking chamber. The process is somewhat similar to an oven that performs convection mechanism the only difference is that air fryers are compact and can fit in any kitchen countertop.

Cooking food using an air fryer is very easy, you only need to add a small amount of oil to your food before cooking, if you want to achieve a nice golden brown color and a crisp texture. Alternatively, you can use a cooking oil spray or toss the food into some oil to achieve the best results.

The air fryer has many uses, contrary to some conclusions because of its name. Air fryers are not only for frying food but can also be used in grilling meat, roasting vegetables, and even in making baked products like cakes and pastries.

Different kinds of air fryers are available in the market today. Depending on the number of servings you want to prepare, there are air fryers with small baskets and large baskets. The function modes also vary in each model, some have a digital control panel, and others have the classic design with temperature and timer controls.

Manufacturers offer different features, but the usage is almost the same for all kinds of air fryers. The machine allows the user to make a selection for temperature and time to make it suitable for whatever you are planning to cook. Maximum heat for most commercial Air Fryers is 200 C (400 F); this is the ideal temperature for making French fries, croquettes, onion rings, chicken nuggets, and fritters.

Hot Air Frying is the modern way of cooking food using an innovative kitchen appliance called the “Air Fryer.” This is the perfect machine for cooking healthy meals at home. Using an air fryer can help you manage your weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Because unlike a traditional deep fryer, you will only need a tablespoon of oil or less when frying food in an air fryer. This way, you can still enjoy the natural flavor of food and achieve that crispy texture with much lesser calories.

At present, more and more people are now using this incredible machine because aside from its amazing health benefits, the air fryer is safe to use and very convenient. Also, it doesn’t eat up too much space in your kitchen, and you can move it around easily.

Indeed, good things come in small packages. The air fryer is the perfect example because even it is a compact machine, it can work like in a traditional oven in cooking food. So, if you can’t get away with crispy foods but want to stay healthy by avoiding fat, then an air fryer is just what you need.


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