KRUPS Air Fryer

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The KRUPS Air Fryer lets you fry your food in a healthy way, thanks to the 3d air pulse technology. It can cook crispy and tasty fried food even with just a little to no oil. This innovative air fryer is equipped with hot air cooking technology combined with 3d air pulse technology that works using an upper heating element for optimized airflow. It is more than just frying because this air fryer lets you grill, roast and bake all your favorite dishes in just minutes. It is ideal for daily use, and the compact size fits any kitchen countertops.



When you use this KRUPS Air Fryer, you will get perfectly cooked French fries, chicken wings, hamburgers, fish, and veggies without the unhealthy fats. It ensures fast, easy, and healthy cooking. The hot air technology gives the food the same texture and taste as with the ones that are deep-fried in oil but with up to 80% lesser calories from fat.



This state-of-the-art kitchen appliance has a 2.5-Liter capacity which can feed up to 2 persons.



The KRUPS Air Fryer is equipped with 3d air pulse technology that can help you prepare delicious and healthy dishes in record time.  It also comes with an adjustable temperature that ranges from 300 F to 390 F and 30-minute timer for manual setting.


This 1450W air frying machine has dishwasher-safe removable parts that can be cleaned easily. Many preparations do not call for additional oil. It can provide you with evenly cooked and tasty food.


This low-fat air fryer has a small cooking capacity. You will need to cook in batches if you are preparing for a large amount of food.

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