BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer

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Why deep fry when you can air fry? The BELLA Electric Hot Air Fryer lets you cook food in a healthier way than in a traditional deep fryer. You can use this air fryer even with no oil added. The revolutionary design features circular heat technology that cooks food quickly without the grease.



The BELLA Air Fryer allows you to make onion rings, croquettes, nuggets, and French fries with up to 80% fewer calories from fat. Not only that, because you can do more than a traditional deep fryer it performs like a convection oven where you can bake pastries, small cakes, and bread. Also, you can roast a whole chicken or grill different kinds of meat. It can cook even frozen items like hash browns and French fries.



This air fryer features 1500 watt Circular Heat Technology to ensure even cooking every time. The stainless steel heating element helps to speed up the heating process. You can adjust thermostat up to 400 F and the timer up to 60 minutes. It comes with an auto shut-off function.



The BELLA Air Fryer has a 2.5-liter basket that can hold up to 2.2 pounds of food



The BELLA Air Fryer allows you to check on your food while it's cooking, thanks to the cool-to-the-touch parts. It also has an overheating protection function.


This air fryer unit is simple to use and clean. It delivers great results, and you can just place the baking tray in the dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning.


The baking tray size is small which can be limiting if you want to prepare food for the whole family.

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