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The BEECALE Air Fryer uses the leading Airflow technology, and it is made of high-quality materials for a great cooking experience that is healthy, fast, and easy. Instead of oil, it cooks food by circulating hot air around the food until you get that crispy chicken wings and French fries that you desire.



This revolutionary air frying machine can cook food with little to no oil added. It is also beginner-friendly as it comes with a touchscreen control system with eight pre-programmed cooking modes for different kinds of food. It also allows you to choose your own setting if you want full control of the cooking process. It has an adjustable thermostat (180 F to – 400 F) and a 60-minute timer.



This air fryer comes with accessories which include a non-stick baking dish, multi-function rack, and a recipe book so you can easily learn how to cook various dishes using your air fryer.



It has a large cooking capacity. It can hold up to 4.2-Quart of food.


The BEECALE Air Fryer has automatic shut-off, cool to the touch exterior and handle, non-stick interior, non-slip base, built-in timer, ON indicator light, and temperature/timer controls.  It also has big and easy to see touchscreen display with preset cooking modes quick and easy operation and cooking of food.


You need to turn the food occasionally for even cooking. You may also have to extend the cooking time for some food items to achieve the best results.

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