Baulia AF810 Fryer 3.8-Quart

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The Baulia AF810 Fryer is an innovative digital air frying machine that lets you cook healthy dishes even with minimal or no oil added. It features LCD screen control and insulated handle so it won’t heat up when the machine is running.



Whether you are cooking French fries, chicken, steak, or vegetables, this air fryer can make your food crispy on the outside without the unhealthy fats.



Cook your favorite foods in minutes by using the digital LED touch screen panel in setting the temperature and the time. You can leave it to cook and be back later when the machine has finished cooking. There is an indicator to inform you that the food is ready. The machine is also equipped with an auto shut-off feature.



The Baulia AF810 Fryer is designed with an insulated handle for convenience and comfort. It useful when you need to shake the frying basket slightly to ensure that every piece of food is evenly cooked and gets a nice crisp texture. The insulated handle is safe to touch even when you are in the middle of the cooking process.



This air fryer uses revolutionary air circulation technology which cooks food nicely and fast. The hot air circulates and gives optimal temperature to give you a satisfying dish. You can adjust the temperature settings from 180 to 400 F.



The Baulia AF810 Fryer is ETL certified and the materials used are made with food-grade safe materials. The removable frying basket is made of silicone resin non-stick coating.



This air frying machine is equipped with a 3.8-quart cooking tray. The detachable cooking basket is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning such a breeze.


This air fryer combines precision and convenience which is good when you are looking for an air fryer. It is versatile as it can grill, fry, bake, and roast using a tablespoon or less of oil. The excess fat from food will be drained while it cooks. This air fryer can cook food in 30 minutes or less.


The cooking chamber capacity is quite limiting if you need to cook a large amount of food.

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