B. WEISS Air Fryer XL

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This air fryer by B. WEISS lets you eat healthier food with 80% lesser fat. It features Rapid Air Circulation Technology, wherein hot air circulates around the food and metal cooking basket for precise cooking. You can cook food even with little to no oil. Moreover, the heated air flow is capable of making your food crispy on the outside in just minutes as well as draining excess fat in the process.



The B. WEISS Air Fryer has a sleek design that offers a quick and easy way to cook food. It is a programmable air fryer with digital preset modes that easily set up different temperatures and cooking time. You can also customize setting, temperature ranges from 180 to 400F, and the timer is up to 60 minutes.



This air frying machine is the healthiest alternative to deep frying because you only need a tablespoon of oil or less to cook your food. This way, you will consume up to 80% less fat while still getting to enjoy all your favorite fried, grilled, roasted, and baked foods.



This air fryer by B. WEISS has a huge cooking capacity of 5.5-Quart which is good if you want to prepare food for the whole family. It allows you to cook in large quantities per batch as compared to small-sized air fryers.



This air frying machine includes a recipe book, a pizza pan, a cooking divider, and a toaster rack.



The non-stick inner surface of the air fryer is easy to clean using a soft wet cloth and soapy water. Then, you can put the basket in the dishwasher for your convenience. Clean the pot and tray with a non-abrasive sponge; you must dry completely before returning the tray and the pot into the air fryer.


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