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The AIKOTOO Air Fryer is a healthy way to make delicious meals for you and your loved ones. This air frying machine uses rapid air technology for crispy and evenly cooked food in minutes. It allows you to prepare various dishes from French fries to juicy steaks with little to no oil. You can fry, bake, roast, and grill using this air fryer to make chips, nuggets, steak, chicken wings, and more.



This hot air fryer lets you enjoy fried dishes without the extra calories from fat. Instead of adding plenty of oil like in traditional deep fryers, this air fryer uses Rapid Air Circulation Technology that cooks your food by circulating hot air in all directions to ensure that you will get fast and well-cooked food.



The AIKOTOO Air Fryer features easy to operate LCD Screen with seven function modes to make delicious food in 20 minutes or less. It is much faster to cook in an air fryer than in a conventional oven. It also allows you to set your own temperature and cooking time if you want full control of the cooking process. Temperature ranges from 170 F to 400 F, and you can set the timer up to 60 minutes.



This air fryer is equipped with an automatic shut-off function, cool to the touch exterior, non-slip base, and a built-in timer. The detachable basket and tank are both dishwasher-safe which makes it easy to clean every after use.



This air fryer lets you cook various food quickly, easily, and healthily. There is an automatic shut-off function, and also the timer will beep twice to let you know that the food is ready. You can adjust the temperature and timer at any time.



You have to remove the frying basket occasionally during the cooking process and shake to ensure that everything gets cooked evenly.


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