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The AAOBOSI Air Fryer XL features digital controls which makes cooking for the whole family a piece of cake! All you have to do it to put your food in the frying basket, select the temperature and cooking time, and leave it for a few minutes to cook. It’s like you have your own chef at home, you will get delicious and crispy results without the unhealthy fats with just a simple press of a button.



With this air fryer, you can roast, fry, bake, and grill almost anything. This innovative kitchen appliance is extremely versatile; you can prepare a wide variety of healthy meals in just minutes. From homemade French fries and onion rings to hamburgers and chicken wings to cakes and pastries, this air fryer does it all with just a simple touch. The AAOBOSI Air Fryer XL allows you to reduce up to 80% lesser fat than deep-fried foods in oil without sacrificing the taste.



This air frying machine is equipped with rapid air flow technology and digital touchscreen display for quick and easy cooking operation. The six cooking presets: fries, shrimp, chops, chicken, steak, and fish, can help beginners get started with air frying. It is the perfect kitchen appliance if you want hassle-free and effortless cooking. The digital controls allow you to set the cooking time and temperature for precise cooking. No oil smell, no splatter, and no mess. The brilliant design circulates heated air around the food, ensuring all it is cooked evenly. With AAOBOSI Air Fryer XL, you’ll get to enjoy the natural taste of food, unlike the ones that are saturated in greasy oil.



This digital air fryer can hold up to 5.6-Quart (5.3-Liter) of food which makes cooking for the family easy.



This versatile air fryer comes with a removable non-stick frying pan and basket that are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean with simple warm water and liquid soap.


When you purchase this air fryer, you will also get free accessories such as a pizza tray, a cake pan, and a tong. The large size is good if you are preparing meals for the whole family. It can cook up to 6 servings at a time.


The air fryer doesn’t come with a recipe book.

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